Join Halo Squad – The Best Halo Clan There Is!

Welcome to Halo Squad – the best Halo Clan you can join.

Founded in 2005 (whilst playing Halo 2), Halo Squad is a competitive Halo clan whose members are dedicated to playing Big Team Battles in the latest Halo games.

Halo Squad is a skill-based clan, which means we’re serious about gameplay and winning. However, we’re also committed to playing within the spirit of the game. We don’t participate in activities such as ‘stating’ or ‘farming’, we just love to play to the best of our abilities. As such, we pride ourselves in good gaming ettiquete, morals and values.

If you’re tired of being matched up with bad players and complete randoms, and want to be part of an orgainzed team with a strategic approach, then Halo Squad could be the clan for you. Read on to learn how you can join our group of outstanding gamers.

How to Join Halo Squad

As we are primarily focussed on exceptional gaming, we take our recruitment process seriously. We only want the best players and we want everybody in the clan to share our gaming values.

Take a look at our list of requirements to decide whether joining Halo Squad is right for you:

  • Must be aged 16 or older
  • Must be a dedicated player, with time available for training
  • Must have played over 100 Big Team Battles
  • Must be a good communicator and have your mic switched on whilst playing
  • Must be a team player who respects the rest of the clan
  • Must be committed to the overal aim of the game (winning), even if this means sacrificing personal targets

If you think you meet all the requirements listed above, then you could soon be enjoying the many benefits of Halo Squad. Benefits include being able to play alongside some of the best Halo players there are, who will help you to become a better player too.

Please get in touch if you think you’re a worthy candidate for Halo Squad as we’re always looking for new players to join our ranks.